You love meat, that’s for sure. If not, you would not be reading this text. The doubt begins when you ask for the meat that you like the most and the waiter asks you “How do you want the meat?”.

Let’s easily explain the different cooking points of the meat 🙂

Cooking point of the meat: The process

Food and cooking have always been an art that needs all the skill and dedication to prepare it and know how to eat it. The meats have so many ways to be cooked as chefs but we are going to detail here the process depending on the degree of cooking.

Bluau or saignant: For most of us, “back and forth”. First cooking point, cooked at high temperature so that the outer part of the meat is well cooked and the inside remains almost raw. Therefore, you will get undercooked meat inside, which will not reach more than 40 degrees, perfectly isolated by its surface.

Little Made or Rare: If you like meat that it is drier on the outside and much juicier on the inside. Cooked to no more than 50-55 degrees, it maintains juiciness inside but also sealed by an outside grill. All we can say is that, if you are a fan of red meat, it will be a total delight!

To the point or Medium Rare: Perhaps one of the most common options for cooking meat. It has to have its upper interior temperature between 55 and 60 degrees. As you can see, the cooking temperatures can vary a lot, depending on the desired result. In this case, we are talking about a not-so-juicy meat inside, with a well-made exterior. Another mention here would be that some of the flavour of the meat is lost during cooking.

Very done or well done: The point well done. Both the meat and the point of cooking. Here we are talking about a high temperature, a fully cooked meat, without any trace of pink, since it has been prepared at less than 70 degrees. In this case we can also talk about a lower level of juiciness.

Whether you like the pink colour of the meat, or that is more similar to cocoa beans, we invite you to try all the cooking methods mentioned above, at the Lume & Co restaurant. Everyone has their pros and cons, and it’s about tastes. For our part, we can guarantee our commitment in order to be sure that you get exactly what you have ordered, and with the quality of our selected meats.