Our meat · Quality Guaranteed

All our meat comes from selected farms where responsibility and sustainability are a priority.

They all offer products of the highest quality; healthy and nutritious, focusing on traditional breeding where animal welfare and breed selection are of the upmost importance.

These farms are able to offer the cattle a natural and balanced diet thanks to their environment where good pastures, native forests and vegetation abound.



§ Foie toast with green apple, balsamic, passion fruit and crunchy almond 10.25
§ Smoked couscous salad with broccoli, nuts and vinaigrette | Vegetarian 16.90
§ White fish ceviche with passion fruit tiger milk, smoked sweet potato cream, grenade and crunchy yucca 18.25
§ Three times cooked chips in our own way | Vegetarian 10.25
§ Smoked Wagyu cold meat 1oo gr with artisan crispy bread, tomatoes and extra virgen olive oil 28.50
§ Beef tataki 150 gr with Chinese cabbage and cucumber salad with Teriyaki vinaigrette and bearnaise foam with white chocolate 18.50
§ Crispy homemade shrimp rolls with sweet-chili sauce with mandarine and tamarind 13.75
§ Trio of sobrassada croquettes, Iberian ham and cod with cream cheese and rosemary honey 11.50
§ Beef carpaccio with basil aroma, parmesan, olive oil caviar and Med salt 18.90
§ Acorn-feed Iberian ham with artisan crispy bread, tomatoes and extra virgen olive oil 28.50
§ Burratina on red pesto of dried tomatoes, basil emulsion | Vegetarian 18.90
§ Tuna tataki with green apple, wakame and maho kimchee 16.50
§ Low temperature egg, seasonal mushrooms, roasted chestnut and truffle aroma 16.90


§ Mushrooms and truffle risotto 17.50
§ Tagliatelle with wild asparagus and cherry tomatoe | Vegetarian 17.90


§ Knife-cut sirloin steak tartare with homemade pickles, toasts and crispy potatoes 24.50
§ 200 gr beef sirloin with with triple cooked potatoes and sautée vegetable 29.50
§ Iberian pork rib with homemade kimchee BBQ sauce, yucca charcoal and toasted peanuts and spicy radish emulsion 26.00
§ Boneless beef rib with mushrooms and parmentine foam with red wine sauce 26.00


§ Chateaubriand 400 gr well marbled salt-cooked 72.00
§ T-bone 1.1 kg of cow +6 years 15 days of maturation, garnish for 2 people. 82.00
§ Tomahawk 1,3 kg 45 days of dry aged with triple cooking potatoes and piquillo peppers 123.00


§ Grilled octopus with confit potatoes, paprika and wakame 26.50
§ Tuna tartare with cucumber and padrón gazpacho, and crunchy pistachio 23.00
§ Turbot, potato ragout with green olives and dill beurre blanc 26.00
§ Grilled sea bream fillet with confit potato and spinach with parmesan 22.00

§ Additional side dishes 6.50
Green salad,
Triple cooking chips,
Padron peppers,
§ Extra sauces 2.75
3 pepper sauce,


§ Chocolate brownie with PX sauce and white chocolate ice cream with caramelised walnuts 9.00
§ Irish cream panna cotta with coconut ice cream, banana ganache and chocolate cream (P.X.) 9.00
§ Almond cake with white chocolate cream and spicy raspberries and almond ice cream 9.50
§ Broken pistachio cake with cold coconut soup and white chocolate with spicy tangerines and ice cream 9.50
§ Millefeuille of cream, chocolate sauce and hazelnut ice cream 9.50
§ 1 scoop of ice cream 3.00
§ Other artisan ice creams from 6,50


§ Lume Steak 14.00
§ Spaghettis with homemade tomato sauce and Parmesan 11.00
§ Free range chicken batter with panko and potatoes 12.00

§ Sourdough bread, all I oli and olives 2.60
§ Gluten-free bread 3.60

10% VAT included in the price

· Our staff will advise you on any questions that may arise regarding allergens.

· The menu is subject to changes due to the availability of fresh products.

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