Let’s continue our tour through the fascinating world of high quality meats with a purely Spanish tradition: Galician Blond Beef. As you might have already guessed, it is a special type of meat originating from Galicia, a northwestern region of Spain. But we are going to find out more about it, in order to understand why did we include it in our meals.

The best beef in the world?

In a nutshell, we are talking about a meat that comes from a fat old cow. But this was not an obstacle in its route to success, taking into account that it has gained its reputation of high quality meat recently. One of the hottest topics nowadays in all the steak passionate circles is beef from old Spanish cows. In other words, a breed of bulls and cows called “Galician Blond”. The peculiarity of it is that it has to be over eight years old.

Food writers, celebrities and beef lovers are literally devouring what is being crowned the best tasting steak in the world in all the finest restaurants in London, New York or Paris.

Why is Galician Blond Beef the best?

These particular breeds are left to gaze for up to 15 years longer than a normal beast, which is being raised specifically for steakhouse and butchers. During this time, the beef gains a distinct deep flavor, because of the marbling maturation. Our meat has its flavor enhanced even further by dry-ageing whole bone-in loins in room which controls the humidity and temperature. This process dehydrates the meat and gives the fat an essence of blue cheese, nuts and mushrooms.

Our chefs also learned a special cooking method for this particular meat. Normally, the steak experts cook at a very high temperature for a short time, over an open flame. But for this type of beef, the ideal option would be a slow cooking, on a flat top grill. By doing this, it gets almost crispy around the outside, but still remains rare in the middle. Afterwards, the steak is removed from the bone and sliced onto a hot serving plate.

Costly, but tasty

Galician Beef is not cheap and it is competing with some of the most expensive rare breeds. A whole slab of Galician Beef weighs approximately 10 kg. For a live experience of the wonderful world of steaks and any other high-quality meat, Lume & Co is waiting for your visit.

Photo credits: thelondonfoodie.co.uk, theyumlist.net, glasgowist.com and http://sciaccamalta.com