In today’s article, we are going to find out more about a very well-known type of meat, Angus Beef. When we say “well-known” we actually imply that it has been widely spread, each and every menu including burgers or any other meat specialties made out of Angus Beef. Hence, little do we know about this particular type of meat. This is why, today, we are trying to contour an overview image.

Meat & marketing  

More often than not, when we are supposed to go to the grocery store to buy whatever we want to, we simply buy it, without spending time on thinking about where did that particular meat come from. The same reason applies when we order some food at a restaurant. Not many of us are aware of the breeds of cattle, inspection and grading processes that have to be accomplished.

Moreover, this market, as exactly any other market, has its own marketing specificities. This is the reason that explains why when a fast food chain, restaurants, or even hot dog makers start mentioning the term Angus, there is going to be a mare’s nest. As a mere example of that, there is a brand of dog food that names itself Angus.

So, what is Angus?

When we talk about Angus, we talk about a breed of cattle. Is not a mastery beef, it does not imply that the beef is organic, natural or that has obtained a higher grade than any other one. Nowadays, it is believed that all the Black Angus cattle are originating from the indigenous cattle of Scotland, by the end of the XIX century. In the 1870s these cattle were brought to the USA and by the 1880 the American Angus Association was founded.

There are two types of Angus breeds: Black and Red. The Red one is not sponsored by the American Angus Association, therefore being a much rarer breed. This is why Black Angus has been called simply Angus. They have a black-hided breed without horns. In a nutshell, the Angus has a series of advantages, that gained their popularity, such as: well marbled, fast growing or reliably tender.

Thanks to these advantages, it has quickly become the most popular breed all over the USA, especially among ranchers.

And now, why is it so special?

 Angus beef develops with better marbling than most cattle. Marbling is the amount of intramuscular fat. It has been said that marbling improves flavor, tenderness and keeps meat moist while cooking (especially at high temperatures).

Furthermore, beef is graded based on marbling with the highest degree of marbling reserved for the Prime grade. Now, how do we know whether what we buy is Angus or not? Quite simple: all beef in the USA is inspected by the US Department of Agriculture. This is a compulsory procedure, and performed first and foremost in order to ensure the food safety.

Put it short: even though in the USA this is the most commonly met type of meat and breed, the special attention that has been given to it, alongside the almost American tradition of Angus, have gained the reputation and popularity of this culinary product.

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