Our meat
Quality Guaranteed

All our meat comes from selected farms where responsibility and sustainability are priority values.
We aim to offer products of the highest quality, healthy and nutritious, focusing on traditional breeding where animal welfare and breed selection are taken care of to the extreme.
The natural and balanced diet as well as the environment; good pastures, native forest and vegetation are fundamental elements in all the farms.

To Share

§ Crispy homemade shrimp rolls with sweet-chili sauce, piquillo red pepper and Kimchee mayo and toasted garlic all I oli 12,75
§ Duo of sobrasada and Iberian ham croquettes with cheese cream and rosemary honey 10, 25
§ Iberian ham platter with artisan crispy bread, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil 28,50
§ Homemade potato chips three times cooked with 5 sauces 9,80 – (Vegetarian)
Roasted garlic, spicy sweet, shiracha, lime sauce, sweet and sour tangerine
§ Crispy clamb and mussle on lime all i oli 18,00


§ Wagyu minitataki over sauteed Mediterranean mushrooms and mangetout pees 26,90
§ Roasted Buternut squash with 8 salads and pickled grapes, nuts and berries dressing 13,50 (Vegetarian)
§ Tenderloin carpaccio with Parmesan, Mediterranean herb salt, truffle and basil caviar oil 17,90
§ Homemade Burratina with tomato tartar with basil oil and mango gel 17,90 (Vegetarian)
§ Low-temperature cooked free range Mediterranean chiken with roasted peanuts and spicy lime dressing, on our exclusive salad mix 13,90 (Vegetarian option available)
§ Mushroom and blue cheese steamed risotto with crunchy Parmesan and black salt 12,25 (Vegetarian)
§ Superfood wok with bimis, kale, fennel root and spinach with a touch of ginger and basil 12,50 (Vegetarian)
§ Mallorcan tagliatelle with sobrasada and almonds sauce with grated Parmesan 17,90 (Vegetarian option available)


§ Gratin cod double cooked with piquillo sauce on clam and mussel stew with saffron and crunchy coral 21,50
§ Grilled octopus with confit potatoes, seaweed salad, violet potato paper, paprika caramel and volcanic salt 26,50
§ Smoked corvine on yucca coal with leek straws and crispy sweet potato 22,50


§ 24 hour Rosemary cooked baby lamb shoulder on mint mashed potatoes with baby vegetables, black olive earth and Mallorcan herb pomace sauce 19,25
§ Roasted Iberian pork ribs with its bacon in whisky BBQ sauce with roasted potato with fennel and padron peppers 26,00
§ Crispy free range chiken rolls stuffed with mushrooms and blue cheese, red wine sauce with rosemary roasted potatoes 18,00

All about beef

§ Steak tartar of selected beef sirloin, homemade pickles, toasties and straw potatoes 22,50
§ Beef tenderloin with almond sauce, roasted potato, baby carrots over spicy sweet potato puree 28,50
§ Selected entrecote 350 gr with triple cooked chips, baby vegetables and mashed celeriac puree 32,00
§ Low temperature beef rib with garlic oil, padron peppers, roasted baby carrots and truffled mashed potatoes 22,80
§ Our “Black Angus” burguer with Mahon cheese, BBQ onion, cristal bacon and brioche bread. Served with our homemade triple cooked chips and coleslaw salad 19,00

Beef to share

§ T-bone 1 kg approx of 48 monts beef with chimichurri, three times cooked potato and padrón peppers 74,60 €/Kgr
§ Tomahawk 1,3 kg approx well marbled with roasted potatoes with Rosemary and baby vegetables 86,00€/Kg
§ Chateaubriand 400 gr well marbled salt-cooked with confit potatoes and roasted vegetables with mushrooms and mangetout with honey-mustard sauce 62,50

Extra sides 5, 50
(Green salad, three times cooked chips in our own way, roasted potato, mashed potatoes, sweet potato or celeriac, padron peppers, Pilaf rice)

Extra sauces 5, 50
(Red wine sauce, French honey- mustard sauce, 3 peppers sauce, Chimichurri, Béarnaise sauce, BBQ sauce with Jack Daniel´s)

Sourdough bread and apetizer. 2,60€

Gluten-free bread per unit. 3,60 €

Butter per person 0,90 €


§ Chocolate brownie with caramelized nuts, sweet wine sauce and white chocolate ice cream 8,00
§ Cheese and lemon cake. Delicious reinterpretation of the classic dessert with homemade , based on biscuit with blueberries coulis sauce 8,00
§ Gin tonic dessert with a touch of lima and juniper berries in syrup 8,00
§ Orange panacotta with caramelized almond and Rivera vermouth sauce 8,00
§ Homemade torrijas dipped in white chocolate with cinnamon in textures 8,00

Ice Creams and Sorbets

§ Mascarpone cheese and peach on apricot coulis and chopped dried apricots 6,50
§ White chocolate with caramelized nuts 6,50
§ Lime-lemon sorbet wit its zest 6,50

Child’s meal – Includes a side dish and ice cram scoop – Kids up to 10 years old

§ Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce and Parmesan 11,00
§ Free range chicken battered with panko 11,00
§ Sautéed white fish dice 11,00
§ Lume Steak 12,00

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