The island of Mallorca is a very special destination. This place offers varied options, for all types of people, with different profiles. You can come to Mallorca to disconnect from the world and enjoy relaxing beach days, you can come to visit the area of ​​bars and let yourself be carried away by its lively nightlife, or you can even come to immerse yourself in that historic Mallorca, which takes us to a distant world, but present through wonderful buildings and museums.

In fact, you can make your trip to Mallorca have a bit of everything. Soon you will see that it is possible to spend a few hours doing each of these great activities, and in this way, you will reach a fascinating experience during your stay.

The old town of Palma

In future articles, we will go deeper into the various places you can find in your walks through the centre of the Majorcan capital, however, today we will emphasize the points of interest for any lover of medieval history.

You must start the visit in the Cathedral of Majorca, which began to be built in the thirteenth century. There are visits with audio guides for a very economical price. We recommend that you opt for them, in the language you prefer, so you do not leave out anything important. It is totally worth it!

Next to the Cathedral there is the Diocesan Museum, in the Street of the Mirador, 5. In it you will find from imposing dossers, to the most delicate pieces, originating from churches and monasteries of the island. It is interesting the tour that you can do through Christianity in Mallorca.

A very special neighbourhood

When leaving the museum, an interesting walk awaits you. Going through the streets of the old Jewish quarter is an experience in itself. Its cobbled streets lead you through slither roads, without apparent direction. It’s funny and beautiful at the same time. It is an area full of life, both for the presence of visitors, as for the historical events that took place within its walls, many centuries ago.

And as a final suggestion, come to the street of the Temple. There you will find the last vestige of what was the wall of Medina Mayurqa after 1.115, which passed into the hands of the Order of the Temple with the conquest of Jaime I. Today, only part of the façade remains, but you have it there, at your fingertips. It is the witness of the passage of centuries, as the only remnant of the military order so powerful between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, and that was destroyed because of the greed and lack of honour of monarchs and papacy.

We hope you have enjoyed this concentrated, but intense trip throughout the medieval history of Mallorca. Of course, you still have all kinds of options at your choice! What kind of trip do you want to enjoy on the island?

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