As you may know –  and if not, we invite you to discover -, at Lume&Co we prepare a wide range of meat, prepared by A-list chefs. Today’s post will be about one of our favorite meats: la Casina Asturiana.

It is widely known that the meat proceeding from Asturias has built a widely acknowledged fame among the world. In particular, one type of meat stands out: the meat belonging to the “casina” cow. In 2017, this meat received three medals in London’s disputed and highly-regarded World Steak Challenge. It wouldn’t be at all far-fetched comparing this contest, to some extent, with a “championship” specialized in meat products.

High quality meat at European level, top-quality preparation at first-class requirements

With this international reputation, we are more than happy to spell out that, thanks to these medals granted, Spain is in Europe’s top 3 in terms of meat production, being outdistanced only by France and Finland. By commercializing this type of meat, we undertake the responsibility of preparing this type of meat at the international standards imposed.

The secret of this meat appears to be the special attention given to the animals. As the most recent studies reveal, the commitment and devotion given to the animals play a very important role in the further development of the meat. The breed that gives us this wonderful class of meat is proceeding from the Asturias Princedom. The history says that it firstly came to Spain by the Indo-European invaders.