The basis of a healthy diet and a balanced nutrition are, as is well known, five daily portions of fruit or vegetables. And it is always preferable to choose the season’s ones. How does that benefit us?

Fruits and vegetables are a basic pillar in our diet. Thanks to following the calendar of seasonal products, we can improve our diet, choosing the fruit or vegetable that is in the fullness of its development, loaded with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that we need.

Because we are in May there are many vegetables and fruits that we can still use to cook delicious dishes, others that come to an end, but still offer us an excellent taste and condition, and others that are available all year. The last ones are the basis of our Mediterranean diet, and they are the key to endless recipes, such as onions and garlic. Some roots, such as radish and beet, are also available during the twelve months, although they are certainly less used.

At this time, we are in the perfect time to consume green asparagus, which does not have much left to disappear from our fields until the next season. It is also the moment when the carrot and the pumpkin begin to be totally at their moment.

Why is it good for the body?

The theory starts with the defenders of the Palaeolithic diet. If we leave aside the ease with which today we can find in the supermarket all kinds of fruits and vegetables throughout the year, in fact our body is specially designed to digest and consume the vegetables that are proper to each season.

Nature has its own logic, which will benefit us the moment we learn to respect it. It is not an easy thing to do, thanks to the simplicity of life in our era, so it requires us to make an extra effort, looking at the vegetables that we should be incorporating or excluding from our diet every month; or trusting the establishments that strive to offer the most suitable seasonal vegetables in each of their elaborations, even if only for the preparation of the garnitures.

At Lume & Co we work the seasonal cuisine, both with vegetables, fruits and with meats and poultry. To achieve this, we deal directly with local producers and distributors who offer us raw materials of proximity.